Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reward challenge is almost over

The deadline is almost here! Do you all have your alpha previews and links turned in? The voting will be posted tonight, when the deadline expires. It will be posted here and anyone can come vote. So spread the word! Voting will last from midnight tonight (pacific time) until 3 pm tomorrow afternoon (PST). I will announce the winning team here on the blog at 3 pm, so be on the lookout!

Also, as this is a game that takes place at lots of different sites and forums, know that ALL news, updates, links will be posted here. So, if all else fails, check here for general information. Questions about specific challenges can be asked at the sponsor site. They will know more than me about most things because they are creating the challenge! However, for things like voting, tribal council and where to look for the next challenge will be found here!

I hope you're all having fun!!!


  1. I'm having fun, thanks Ramona!

  2. I'm having a great time and have an AWESOME team!!! Go White!!! Anyway... I was wondering if there is a way to subscribe to this blog so that I am notified of any updates..? Sorry, I'm kinda a blog-newbie :)

  3. Go Yellow :)

    This is so much fun! Thats for all your hard work Romona!!

  4. This is so much fun! Thanks Ramona for putting this together and for everyone who is participating!!