Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let the Voting begin...

Well, you ladies were all super nice to me! You posted all the kits an hour before the deadline, so I can post this and go to bed! I'm extra tired tonight, so this is a big help!

Okay, here is how the voting is going to work...

Only 24 can move on to the next round, so two designers will be eliminated at tomorrow's Tribal Council. I know that I led you to believe that an entire team would be going, but hey, this is Survivor! I have to keep you guessing!

Each of you need to email me (by secret ballot) the designer you think should go home. You can decide this based on someone you thought didn't pull their weight, you can upload each product and go through the items and pick the person who least followed the assignment, is perhaps not really committed to this challenge, etc. You don't have to tell me why you chose who you chose! This is a game about alliances, a social game, as I explained, so you can choose based on that! It doesn't matter! Send me an email at survivor @ browniescraps . com. Don't PM me, don't send it to one of my many other emails, be sure to send it to survivor @ browniescraps . com (without the spaces). You only have to include the designer's name. This will be perfectly confidential. I am the only one with access and the only one who will ever know the name you wrote! Please email me by 4 pm PST today (friday). I will count the ballots and the two designers to receive the most votes will be going home tomorrow night! I will make the announcement for Tribal Council by 6 pm PST.

Good luck! You all did an amazing job! The kits all look great! Now VOTE!!!!

**edited** Remember you can not vote for: Day's Digi Designs, Sava Scraps or Tyger's Tidbits. These women won immunity!!!