Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full Kit due tonight

The deadline is upon us for the weekly challenge! Here is the timeline for the next couple of events! If nothing else, I keep you hopping!!!

Just like in the game of survivor, Tribal Council must be held! It's just part of the game! And I want to make a little comment about this. Survivor is just as much (if not more) a social game than strictly about design talent. It really is very much like selling your designs! You can have the very best designs out there, but if you don't know how to market them and advertise them, then you'll never really sell them! So, it's always a tight rope to walk! LOL! This game is very similar, so as we go from week to week, I hope those who are voted off will not take it personally! It is not a reflection on your talent or even you as a person. The truth is, each week, someone or more must go home and that's just how it is!

Okay, enough on that! On to the schedule.

Deadline for this weeks challenge is tonight, 11:59 PST

Details about voting will be posted HERE, after the deadline passes

Voting will end at 5 pm tomorrow, PST

Tribal Council will be held (okay, really it will just be me making the announcement HERE of who will be leaving the island) sometime tomorrow night AFTER voting ends.

In that same post, I will announce how the teams will work for next week.

The next challenge will be posted sometime on Saturday

And we will move forward from there!!

Remember that this is the BEST place for up to date details of what is going on here! I also added a newsletter widget on the side. Put in your email, and you will be notified when I update the blog.

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